Do I Need a Location for Local SEO?

Why Retail Locations Win at Local SEO

In the age of smart phones, worldwide deliveries and 24/7 websites, does local SEO still matter? Each year a growing number of individuals use the internet not only for research but also for purchasing items. Their search can bring them to businesses half a world away. With this in mind many businesses are wondering if the effort exerted to rank well for local SEO is still worth it.  But according to research, local SEO matters. Here are some good reasons why:

  • Google and other search engines still factor in the location data during search results
  • People still include their preferred location when searching
  • Consumers tend to trust smaller businesses compared to bigger well-known brands

Do i Need a Location for Local Seo?

In short, YES!  You need a place for local search engines to understand where you are!  If you are a local retailer looking to rank well in search engines like Google, optimizing for local SEO could get you noticed and indexed higher by Google. This is because you can better leverage page elements like page titles, localized URLs and geo-specific content. You content can also target a specific audience so that users will have a more focused experience.

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What are Local Directories?

Directories are places your business is represented online and they require verification before going live.  The fact that you can’t just post without someone checking it is what provides the value. Directory listings are not as popular as they used to be. However, they can still be valuable if done right. If you are a local retailer, claim and verify all business directory listings especially Google+ Local. With this listing you can provide your address and telephone number. This listing will now be integrated into Google’s search result and will show up if somebody Googles your business. This can increase your visibility not only in search rankings but in the local community as well.

One of the best things about claiming your business directory listing especially that from Google+ is that it can be integrated with other Google accounts like Youtube. Your Youtube account can also be used to feed that of your Google+ increasing visibility and engagement with your potential clients.

With the stakes being high, it is important to get your local SEO straight not only to attract customers but to be one step ahead of the competition. Some old school basics for local SEO are: include city/state in title tag, H1 heading, content, alt text on image and URL.

Effectively positioning your business in search engine results is a wise marketing strategy. Even local businesses have competition so it is important not only to rank well in search engines but to be visible to the local community. Ranking well will give you competitive edge. For example, your city or neighborhood is bound to have more than one bakery. If you own one of these, wouldn’t it be better if your listing showed up number 1 instead of 2 or 3? If your business showed up first, clients are more likely to go to your place instead of the competition. If you have a website or have a local number listed, this is even better because now the potential client can get more information if needed.

Local SEO is just one of the tools employed by retailers and businessmen to rank well and attract more clients. Having your business listed locally will not only increase your online presence but in your community as well. Developing relationships with your clients will also increase your popularity. You can do this through social media or by providing additional information of your products and services through blogging.





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