10 Clever Ways To Market Your Business Without Any Money!

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10 Clever Ways To Market Your Business Without Any Money!

Balling on a budget! We all want the marketing budget of a Fortune 500 company or an Inc. 500 company, but sometimes being a small business, it’s not always there. Small businesses owners are known to stretch their minds and take even the smallest amounts of money and make it look like a million bucks. Here are a few ways to help market your business with little to no money at all!

1. One great way you could market your business is to create local awareness. You can do that by looking up certain things from writers and publications that cover your industry throughout your local neighborhood. Gain the attention of your local community!

2. A good way to market your business is to leverage social media. Leveraging social media is when you provide your followers with useful information and tips. You should start out small on your business when posting information and you should know what kind of audience will view your website. A good start is making a few posts a week. As you grow, you will learn what WORKS for your audience.

3. Run a interview of your fans from your business. Doing this can help build positive relationships with existing fans and their friends.

4. Stand on the shoulders of your customers. Not literally! Use their kind words as leverage to increase your brands loyalty. Your customers will be very satisfied if you pitch your business well and show value in what you’re promoting

5. One awesome way to market your business is to run your business directly located in where your niche is located.

6. Questions after questions. The more questions you ask, the better. Things like, How can we get better? How was your service today? What can we do to get your business? Are great ways to market your business because you know what works for those individuals and beyond.

7. One thing you should do in your business is to respond to all of your customers’ comments. That would help all of your customers out with all of the problems they’re having, if they have any at all.

8. Email Newsletter. As people go to your website or location. Ask people for their emails. Incorporate them in your marketing and have those people coming back for more!

9. Give away your secrets for FREE!

10. One final clever way to market your business without any money is to carry business cards around with you, everywhere you go! You never know who you might see/meet in life. It would be a good idea to write your website name and any of your social media account names so people can follow your journey!


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